Sparkling wine
DO Costers del Segre
Macabeo, Parellada
L'Olivera Reserva

L’Olivera Reserva

L’Olivera sparkling wines are the result of our initial intuition that this land could produce unique wines based on historical varieties.
We began to make sparkling wine in the early 1990s, following the traditional method and with a view to respecting the character of each individual variety to produce fine-bubbled and fresh medium- or long-aged wine.

L’Olivera Reserva is a clear reflection of this desire to interpret the landscape, expressed in the bottle with an acidic structure distinctive to this land caressed by the soft evening sea breeze and with a deep soil that enable the grapes to keep their freshness. A blend of Macabeo and Parellada grapes harvested by hand, with a first fermentation in a vat and a second in the bottle, left to rest in the cellar for at least 15 months.


ORIGIN: Vineyards from the Corb River Valley subzone of the Costers del Segre DO. Plots characterised by the drystone walls that surround the vineyards, preserving the fertility of the soil and the efficiency of the water.
SOIL: Chalky clay soil with variable levels of stoniness and depth.
CLIMATE: The climate is continental Mediterranean, with cold dry winters and hot summers tempered by the soft evening breeze blowing in from the sea that cools the night, particularly during the ripening season. The scarce rainfall is concentrated in autumn and spring (350-450 mm yearly).


Macabeo (84%), Parellada (16%)

Vine growing

Organic farming. Manual harvest in crates of 10-12 kg.

Wine processing

The base wine is fermented at a controlled temperature in a vat and tirage takes place in spring, with a second fermentation in the bottle. The wine is then left to rest in the cellar for at least 15 months. It is disgorged by hand and at room temperature and no extra sugar is added.


34,500 bottles

Technical sheet

Viticulture and wine processing

Certified organic dry land farming. Manual harvest. The base wine is fermented at a controlled temperature (17-18ºC) in stainless steel vats. The subsequent coupage of the Macabeo and Parellada varieties seeks freshness and elegance. Tirage in the bottle takes place in February and March and the wine is then left to rest in the cellar for at least 15 months at a temperature of 12-15ºC. Humidity is also controlled. It is disgorged by hand at room temperature, progressively and in small batches. Before corking, we finish filling it with the same vintage wine, adding no extra sugar.


Alcohol content: 11.5%
Total acidity: 3.12 g/l (sulphuric acid)
Volatile acidity: 0.25 g/l
Residual sugar: 0.3 g/l (glucose+fructose)
Total sulphur: 49 mg/l

Tasting notes

Golden yellow colour with bright reflections and fine bubbles. Hints of white fruit (apple, pear) in the nose on a brioche, cream, vanilla and candied fruit background. Hints of aniseed and fennel also gradually appear. Long and buttery mouthfeel, the creamy and stone fruit tones, like ripe peach, make a reappearance. Perfect for an informal occasion or to pair with aperitifs like pâté, blue cheese or smoked products. The ideal companion for blue fish carpaccio or a traditional duck confit.


Peñín Guide:
2021: 88 points (2017 vintage)
2019: 87 points (2015 vintage)

Guia de Vins de Catalunya:
2022: 9.49 points (2018 vintage)
2021: 9.04 points (2017 vintage)

Decanter 2022:
Bronze medal (2019 vintage)