We should never lose the ability to be surprised. With this model, each quarter you will receive a surprise box at home with unusual L’Olivera wines. Old vintages, experimental vinifications, unique wines and all the innovations which we develop at L’Olivera in our wine making adventures.

Adventures that we want to share with you and explain to you through a small collectible that you will receive in each delivery so that you are fully able to enjoy these wines when tasting them.

What will you find?

With this subscription model you will receive, every three months, a selection of one or two bottles of L’Olivera wines and/or olive oils which are experimental or unusual, which you will surely never have tasted before because they are part of the experiments that we carry out day by day and year by year in the winery, with our sights set on moving forward in this adventure of making wine and oil.

Payment and deliveries

Once the subscription is made, the payment is automatically charged to a credit card. This payment is equivalent only to the fee for the current quarter, as long as the subscription is made within the following periods:

  • From December 16 to March 15: receive the shipment at the end of March
  • From March 16 to June 15: receive the shipment at the end of June
  • From June 16 to September 15: receive the shipment at the end of September
  • From September 16 to December 15: receive the shipment at the end of December

Therefore, if the subscription is made after the 15th day of the last month of the quarter, the shipment will not be effective until the following quarter.

Subscription renewal

The subscription is automatically renewed every quarter. Your payment is also automatic, as the credit card that is always charged on the same day, every three months, on which the subscription was registered.

Subscription cancellation

In the case of wanting to cancel the quarterly subscription, send an email to acasa@olivera.org before the 15th day (this included) of the last month of the quarter. If the cancellation request is made after this date, the execution of the cancellation will not take effect until the following quarter.