We want the work we do at the winery to express the full potential of the grapes we have been preparing in the field over the past year. We perform gentle and environmentally friendly processes, seeking the most natural expression of each variety. 

We ferment the grapes in stainless steel vats and oak barrels sourced from different places and barrel-makers. We follow the process closely, analysing the must and the wine, tasting it and deciding on the final blends.

The wine is the end result of all this work.

Young with character

Young, mature and complex in equal measure. L’Olivera young wines seek to bottle the genuine expression of the historical varieties we grow in the Corb River Valley, an inland Mediterranean area set fairly high that gives the wine a good balance between volume, freshness and a unique expression of the raw material.

The macabeos

The Macabeo is an important variety with a historical presence at Vallbona de les Monges and Costers del Segre. L’Olivera was committed to this variety and to discovering its potential right from the start. The L’Olivera Macabeo varietals are the result of exploring several wines in the search for their subtle expression, while also engaging in the creation of complex wines.

Unique wines

Wines that aim at being a clear reflection of the land they come from, a unique landscape that produces unique wines. Personalities sought in each individual wine so that each one can, in its own way, express the unique agricultural and land mosaic it is made in. Recovered varieties, traditional wines or unique varietal expressions are the oenological proposals concealed behind these wines.

Urban wines

Wines made in urban vineyards on the Can Calopa estate in Barcelona’s Collserola Natural Park or the Can Gambús estate in the Sabadell Agricultural Park. Two projects spearheading the recovery of farming activity linked to large cities. Wines faithful to their periurban landscapes, with a contemporary take on local farming traditions.

Rasim project

Rasim is a project developed from a passion for dessert wine by one of its sponsors, Claret Serrahima, the Barcelona designer and creator of our brand image, and L’Olivera. A project to put into practice everything we learned from other historical winegrowing regions: to create dessert wines with singular preparations and stake a claim for their place in our gastronomy. They are wines that move at the pace nature demands, the grapes drying on beds of straw or on the vine to concentrate the material in a natural fashion. Slow, ambitious preparations that test your patience. The result is a contemplative wine that requires time to be enjoyed and to discover the complexity concealed within it.

Experimental wines

Wines born from uncertainty and the constant questioning that drives us to seek new ways to interpret wine, new preparations and new insights into the vineyard and winery. Wines with an experimental vocation which sketch the lines in viticulture and oenology that guide us along our way towards research and innovation.

Sparkling wines

L’Olivera sparkling wines are the result of our initial intuition that this land could produce unique wines based on historical varieties.
We began to make sparkling wine in the early 1990s, following the traditional method and with a view to respecting the character of each individual variety to produce fine-bubbled and fresh medium- or long-aged wine.

Everyday wines

A format intended for enjoying wine, a central part of the Mediterranean diet, every day. Our Vins de Cada Dia, everyday wines, are perfect on the daily table: fresh and agile, they go with anything. The packaging makes them easy to serve and to keep the wine under the proper conditions.