Culture that cultivates soil and people. Margins, physical and symbolic: those who draw our austere landscape in dry stone and, on the more invisible side, those who also draw vital peripheries, spaces inhabited by dissident approaches, on the outskirts of conventionalisms.

Between these two concepts passes the L’Olivera project, between the dry stone walls that make our land cultivable and this exploration of the fidelity that imposes the life on the margins.


We draw our identity from the dry stone margins of this inhabited periphery (in fact, the Catalan word “marges” refers to the dry stone walls that serve as a support to land terraces carved into the sides of steep hills thereby making agriculture possible), the heritage of a cultivated memory. Ours and that of everyone who wants to make it theirs. Because there is no real change without a commitment to transformation, nor commitment without action.



A personality sought in every wine, in the endeavour to make each individual variety express our agricultural mosaic and keep alive the cultures that have inhabited and shaped it with their hands. Each wine is a character forged firstly on the vine and then in the winery, staking a claim for a craft that ties us to the land, that respects the natural tempo of the countryside and the people who form part of it. A step further in this farming culture that aims to keep engaging society with its produce, made by interpreting this landscape that contains the potential for top quality wine.


Our extra virgin olive oils are basically the juice of the olives we harvest manually at just the right time. We obtain them using mechanical procedures only and apply gentle processes to respect the character of our rain fed Arbequina olives. Oil that is the expression of this terraced landscape where we practice organic, dry land and resilient farming.