It is a monovarietal black Grenache, organic and vegan, under the Costers del Segre denomination of origin.

After more than 30 years making white, red, sweet and sparkling wines, L’Olivera has gone one step fruther and is now launching its first rosé wine on the market. Airós is the name of this new wine from the Vallbona de les Monges winery, a monovarietal Grenache, which is both certified organic and vegan. It reflects the experience acquired by L’Olivera in the production of this variety in red wines, demonstrating tis versatility by using it in the production of a rosé wine. A wine that is the genuine expression of this variety, hihgly adapted to the Vall del Corb and which already constitutes an identity trait of this sub-zone of the DO Costers del Segre.

Airós is a subtle and delicate wine, with the spicy and unique profile of a Grenache of a certain height (600 meters) from a variety of vineyards in the Vall del Corb, within de DO Costers del Segre. At an oenological level, it is the result of two different elaborations, the first being that part of the Grenache is pressed directly with a slight maceration in the press itself. The second is that the other part of Grenache is the result of bleeding from a pigeage deposit after 48 hours. Then, in both cases, the must ferments in a tank at a controlled temperature until it is bottled.

Airós is a pale anb brilliant rosé. Subtle and elegant on the nose, where the aromas of wild strawberries and red cherries stand out, notes of aniseed and a touch of pastry cream. Fresh and agile, Airós is perfect to accompany informal dishes, such as pizza and pasta, or cold hors d’oeuvres.

The wine can now be purchased through the L’Olivera online store at the L’Olivera winery in Vallbona de les Monges and at La Vinoteca de Can Calopa (Barcelona) and also in different specialised stores.

Airós: the name and the image

Airy (in Catalan, Airós), like the marinated sunsets in the vineyards of Vallbona de les Monges. Because “airós” means windy, airy, refreshed. This first meaning in the dictionary takes us to the ventilated environment provided by the wind that comes from the sea, and which is very characteristic of the Vall del Riu Corb area. A wind that refreshes the hot summer evenings and that, at an agronomic level, favours the good ripening of the grapes.

But the name also gives the wine a human character or personality: an airy person is someone gentle, cheerful, lively. . A character that connects with the profile of the wine that is Airós: agile, fresh, cheerful.

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The image of the label is the work of the Barcelona design studio Clase_bcn, with whom L’Olivera has worked from the beginning. A subtle and delicate label, like the wine, that draws textures and evokes sensations: air, vaporosity. An abstrat idea that is a representation of lightness and simplicity, that unites the profile of the wine with its image.