L’Olivera participates in the BIOCUIDADOS pilot project to create a new models of care provided by the community, centred on the individual, in rural settings.

The BIOCUIDADOS project is inspired by the ecosystem of care for life provided by the community of people who live in a certain territory in the rural world. The objective is to prevent the institutionalisation of people with disabilities in rural areas, using community resources. In other words, it means that people with disabilities do not live or work in institutions or specific spaces from them, such as residences separated from the rest of the population. The idea is that they live with the rest of the people in the community and receive support directly from the community in a natural context.

The general objective is, therefore, to promote a change of model in Social Services, the proposition of an alternative to the current model that will be presented to political managers in order to force a change in the system that favours the personal autonomy of people with disabilities in rural areas.

To do so, in this first pilot phase, the needs and life projects of each of the people in a situation of dependency will be analysed in order to articulate experimental support models, based on the resources of their natural community, to provide care and individual attention that enhances their personal autonomy. This is all with the idea of favouring and accompanying the deinstitutionalisation of vulnerable people and avoiding the possible instututionalisation of vulnerable people who live in the rural community itself.

For this reason, the project works across the different population groups, promoting the gender perspective and taking universal accessibility into account. It is understood that in rural areas it is not necessary to segment or differenciate services by groups of people. Therefore, the aim is to create models, activate resources and attend all needs with a transversal proposal, creating multidisciplinary teams that provide a comprehensive solution for all those who need or want it.

BIOCUIDADOS is a pilot project linked to the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Secretary of State for Social Rights and is financed with EU-Next Generation funds. L’Olivera participates in this pilot phase in Vallbona de les Monges as a rural development centre attached to Coceder, an entity that promotes this pilot project in 18 territories of 9 Spanish communities (Andalusia, Aragón, Asturias, Castilla León, Catalonia, València, Extremadura and Galícia).