A commitment that includes measures such as the improvement of the water purification system, the incorporation of electric vehicles or the installation of photovoltaic panels.

At L’Olivera we undestand sustainability as a broad and multidisciplinary process, which affects all dimensions of the organisation and in which it is necessary to align company objectives and actions.

The year 2023 is being considered as a year of change, forced by the development of the project but also by the awareness of the environment and the reality in which we live and calls on all people and actors in our society to take action.

Can Calopa remains committed to responsible, sustainable (socially and environmentally) and local tourism. With the desire to continue offering these important values, we are renewing (for the third year) the Biosphere Sustainable Tourism certificate. Biosphere This distinguishes those tourist experiences that guarantee a continuous improvement in the balance of tourist activity and the fight against climate change, the cultural, social and economic sustainability of its activity, through the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition, during 2023, the new wastewater treatment system (financed by the Barcelona City Council) will be put into operation, which will allow better management of the water coming from the farmhouse, the winery and the wine tourism activity and return it to the natural environment totally purified. This creates the possibility of reusing the water as irrigation water for the orchard and the vineyard, thus reducing the farm’s water footprint.

In addition, in a commitment to solve the mobility problem in the Can Calopa project environment (both at the level of users, working personnel and the visiting public), in 2023 a project will be considered to make it more sustainable, incorporating electric vehicles in the transport fleet and also electric bicycles to favor the autonomy of residents and a charging point open to the public.

Finally, as in the last two years, we will continue to collect environmental indicators linked to the consumption of energy and raw materials, supplier management and waste generation.

New sewage treatment system at the Can Calopa farmhouse

At the Vallbona de les Monges headquarters, during 2023, the installation of photovoltaic panels will be carried out on the entire roof of the residence, a fact that will allow 50% of the electrical energy consumed in these spaces to be self-generated. The possibility of the expansion of the facility will be studied in the coming years, also incorporating the mill and the winery.

In addition, measures have also been applied to reduce packaging and waste in the packaging of products which, in the case of the online store, has meant the implementation of new plastic-free packaging in order shipments. Also in 2023, we have renewed the seal of the Biosphere Sustainable Tourism certification, this time, for the first year.

All these actions are part of our strategy to continue on the path of environmental, economic and social sustainability, and to continue our commitment to a fairer relationship with the environment and society. Key Commitments

  • Commitment to the values, objectives and improvement plan drawn up by Biosphere.
  • Commitment to accept the principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism and to undertake actions to disseminate it.
  • Commitment to reduce and prevent the negative impacts generated by the facilities on the environment and maximise the positive impacts.
  • Commitment to take continuous improvement actions in all areas and dimensions of sociocultural, environmental and economic sustainability.
  • Commitment to monitor and improve the satisfaction of all workers and external customers.