Red wine
DO Costers del Segre
Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan


‘Naltres’ is the word for ‘we’ in the area around Vallbona. This wine is an expression of the collective project of the many hands behind it. A tribute to the people who make it possible: their names (all the names!) can be seen on the label.

Naltres also symbolises everything we learned together at L’Olivera over the course of our history, seeking to make wines loyal to the land they come from and the people who interpret it. This wine was made on the estates where we grow grapes in the Corb River Valley subzone and was the first L’Olivera red awarded the Costers del Segre Designation of Origin. It illustrates our commitment to the historical varieties of the Grenache and Carignan (Samsó), seeking a better expression and resulting in this full-bodied wine with a fruity, spicy register and full aftertaste. A mature wine with ties to the land where it is made.


ORIGIN: Vineyards from Bosc de la Vila in the Corb River Valley subzone of the Costers del Segre DO. Plots characterised by the drystone walls that surround the vineyards, preserving the fertility of the soil and the efficiency of the water.
SOIL: Chalky clay soil with variable levels of stoniness and depth.
CLIMATE: The climate is continental Mediterranean, with cold dry winters and hot summers tempered by the soft evening breeze blowing in from the sea that cools the night, particularly during the ripening season. The scarce rainfall is concentrated in autumn and spring (350-450 mm yearly).


Grenache (55%), Cabernet Sauvignon (25%) and Carignan (20%)

Vine growing

Organic farming. Manual harvest in crates of 10-12 kg.

Wine processing

Fermented whole in pigeage vats with regular punch-down of the cap. Aged in the vat and left to rest in the bottle.


2022 vintage: 15,423 bottles

Technical sheet

Naltres 2022

Characteristics of the vintage

The 2022 vintage was very complicated at an agronomic level: spring frosts, very little rainfall (30% below the average of recent years) and several exceptional episodes of days with temperatures above 35ºC, with average temperatures above the norm. All these elements led to limited plant development and a considerable reduction in production (between 30 and 40% lower the average in our rainfed viticulture conditions). These extreme conditions of heat and drought forced us to advance the harvest a lot to maintain the balance of the grapes. We started it unusually early on August 16th and finished it on September 26th. The conditions of drought and low humidity allowed, at least, to obtain a grape in ideal sanitary conditions and without any fungal or disease damage.

Viticulture and wine processing

Certified organic dry land farming. We hand-pick the grapes into 10-12 kilo boxes. The grapes are then fermented whole in pigeage vats with a regular punch-down of the cap and under controlled temperature of 25-28ºC. The wine is aged in the same vat and left to rest in the bottle.


Alcoholic content: 14.5%
Total acidity: 3.31 g/l (sulphuric acid)
Volatile acidity: 0.31 g/l
Residual sugar: 0.3 g/l (glucose+fructose)
Total sulphur: 23 mg/l
pH: 3.69

Tasting notes

Intense nose, with notes of ripe black fruit (candied black plum), raspberries and a hint of flowers (violet). Indulgent bouquet, with a full body. The ripe fruit notes return with a long and complex aftertaste.
Goes well with all types of game meat. Excellent accompaniment to duck-based dishes or traditional meat cannelloni.


Peñín Guide:
2022: 89 points (2018 vintage)
2021: 88 points (2017 vintage)
2020: 89 points (2017 vintage)
2019: 89 points (2015 vintage)

Guia de Vins de Catalunya:
2021: 9,40 points (2017 vintage)
2020: 9,40 points (2017 vintage)
2019: 9.2 points (2016 vintage)
2018: 9,04 points (2015 vintage)

Grenaches du Monde 2021:
Gold medal (2018 vintage)

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2020:
Silver medal (2017 vintage)

Ecoracimo 2020:
Great gold medal (2017 vintage)

International Wine Awards 2019:
Silver medal (2016 vintage)

Golden Leaf Awards:
2019: Gold medal (2016 vintage)
2017: Bronze medal (2015 vintage)

Catavinum 2017:
Silver medal (2015 vintage)