Arbequina | unfiltered
Oli de Cada Dia del Raig 5L

Oli de Cada Dia del Raig 5L

Oli de Cada Dia del Raig – for every meal and every table. This oil stakes a claim: to enjoy extra virgin olive oil every day and make it a mainstay of our daily diet, our cuisine and our daily gastronomic culture.

Made from Arbequina olives from La Granadella in Les Garrigues, our Oli de Cada Dia del Raig comes from the olives harvested in the first few weeks when they are still green, giving them wild scents and green notes. The oil is barely filtered in order to express its green character. That is why it is a seasonal product, only available in November and December. We recommend using it up quickly.



Tasting notes

Dense, green and fruity. Strong scents with a touch of herbs. Green notes and bitter, spicy traces at the end. Oil to be enjoyed straight from the bottle and to brighten up simple dishes, those we have every day.