Organic Arbequina and Becaruda
Oli de Marges de Can Calopa 0,25L

Oli de Marges de Can Calopa 0,25L

Oil made with the desire to safeguard the dry land agricultural mosaic in the Collserola mountain range, recovering olive trees on periurban estates and promoting historical varieties like the Arbequina and the Becaruda. Olive trees cultivated on family-run plots that survive in our rain-fed Mediterranean land that stakes a claim for farming activity linked to large cities.

Oli de Marges de Can Calopa is faithful to its periurban landscape, with resilient farming with a contemporary take on local farming traditions.


ORIGIN: Family-run plots on rain-fed Mediterranean land in the Collserola mountain range, surrounded by pines and close to Sant Feliu de Llobregat.
SOIL: Crumbly slate soil distributed over different terraces on the southern side of Collserola.
CLIMATE: Climate of a Mediterranean influence, characterised by mild winters, hot summers, moderate temperature changes and strongly irregular seasonal rainfall of around 500-700 mm.


Arbequina and Becaruda.


Certified organic dry land farming. Manual harvest.

Oil processing

Oil obtained by mechanical procedures. Cold preparation of the oil (<27ºC), light stirring and centrifugal extraction in two phases.


2020 harvest: 900 bottles.

Farming and oil making

Certified organic dry land olive farming. From the field, we transport the olives to the reception yard in small mesh crates of 11 to 13 kg to keep them under optimal conditions through to manufacture. The olives are ground with a Tuscan hammer mill then stirred briefly (<45 minutes) at a low temperature (22-25ºC) using the cold extraction process. The oil is separated by centrifugation in two phases and later filtered. It is packaged in small batches on demand.


Acidity (% oleic acid): <0,15
Polyphenols (mg/kg, ppm): 280-350 ppm
Oleic acid: >70%

Sensory profile

Fruitiness of the olive: >5,2
Bitterness: >4
Spiciness: >4,5

Tasting notes

Fruity aromas with hints of almond and artichoke. Bitter, finishing on a spicy note. Ideal for enjoying straight from the bottle, it also goes well with hot dishes as it bolsters the aromatic portion in sourdough bread, vegetable casseroles and steamed fish. 


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