Organic Arbequina | Cold extraction
Oli Finques 0,50L

Oli Finques 0,50L

Terraced estates that sketch the dry landscape of Vallbona de les Monges, testimony to a agricultural past that makes its presence felt. Finques oil is made on these plots of Arbequina olive trees, the outcome of what one might call resistance farming.

Intense and aromatic, combining bitter and slightly spicy notes, Finques is the expression of this fairly high located, dry landscape. An organic extra virgin olive oil representative of the varietal traits of the Arbequina, the traditional, local olive variety of this area close to the town of Arbeca, where the name comes from.


ORIGIN: Estates in Vallbona de les Monges, 500-600 metres above sea level. Olive trees that grow on the side terraces that shape the centuries-old drystone walls, cultivated following organic farming criteria in a rain-fed regime.
SOIL: Side terraces at the bottom of the valley defined by the Maldanell River, with variable depths.
CLIMATE: The climate is continental Mediterranean, with cold dry winters and hot summers tempered by the soft evening breeze blowing in from the sea that cools the night. The scarce rainfall is concentrated in autumn and spring (350-450 mm yearly). A climate on the edge, halfway between Mediterranean and continental, that fosters a higher concentration of antioxidants.




Certified organic dry land farming. Manual harvest.

Oil processing

Oil obtained by mechanical procedures. Cold preparation of the oil (<27ºC), light stirring and centrifugal extraction in two phases.


2020 harvest: 2.850 bottles

Olive tree culture and oil making process

Certified organic dry land olive tree farming. From the field, we transport the olives to the reception yard in small mesh crates of 11 to 13 kg to keep them under optimal conditions through to manufacture. The olives are ground with a Tuscan hammer mill then stirred briefly (<45 minutes) at a low temperature (22-25ºC) using the cold extraction process. The oil is separated by centrifugation in two phases and later filtered. It is packaged in small batches on demand.


Acidity (% oleic acid): <0,15
Polyphenols (mg/kg, ppm): 280-350 ppm
Oleic acid: >70%

Sensory profile

Fruitiness of the olive: >5,5
Bitterness: >4,2
Spiciness: >4,6

Tasting notes

Fruity aromas with hints of herbs, almonds and walnuts. Bitter and spicy notes. Ideal for enjoying straight from the bottle, it also goes well with hot dishes as it bolsters the aromatic portion in sourdough bread, vegetable casseroles and steamed fish.


Flos Olei Guide:
2021: 92 points
2020: 92 points
2014: 90 points
2013: 90 points
2012: 88 points