The 2021 harvest, which began in mid-October, is characterised by the drought in the last months of maturation, which has conditioned the total production per tree and the profile of the more mature oils produced.

After the grape harvest, we begin another of the most intense times of the year: the olive harvest. This campaign, which this year we started in mid-October, comes after a year in which the winter snow and the spring rains allowed the olive trees to develop correctly in accordance with our dry conditions. Summer, with moderate temperatures (except for a few specific periods) and especially the lack of water during the last months of ripening (especially in September), will mark a campaign in which a lesser development of the fruit is expected in different areas and an early maturation.

Thus, the sensory profiles of the oils and the higher than usual extraction yields at this time result in a harvest with a significant reduction in production and oils with more mature profiles. They are complex oils, a reflection of this organic and rainfed agriculture, with green-ripe or significantly ripe fruity profiles, the result of the rapid ripening of the fruits, especially in areas with more water stress.

On an organoleptic level, these are oils with a fruity profile of ripe olives, with hints of almond, artichoke, fennel and a touch of bitterness and spice, which reflect the character of this Arbequina from dryland agriculture of a certain altitude.

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